Rucksack Travel Duffle Bag – Male Luggage Canvas Bucket Shoulder Bags Men Outdoor Backpack

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New Large Capacity Rucksack Man Travel Bag Mountaineering Backpack Male Luggage Canvas Bucket Shoulder Bags Men outdoor Backpack. 

A perfect backpack for mountaineering, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, adventure travel, daily use and other outdoor activities. 

An awesome rucksack for airplanes and mountaineering, backpack for men and women. it's a perfect gift for friends, family, lovers on birthday, christmas, thanksgiving day and other important days. 

The rucksack men's backpack is made of high-quality canvas, which is durable and lightweight. it can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag for airplanes, mountaineering, hiking, camping, etc.

3 reviews for Rucksack Travel Duffle Bag – Male Luggage Canvas Bucket Shoulder Bags Men Outdoor Backpack

    Michael Gordon
    September 22, 2022
    My husband and I are heavy travelers with a strict carry-on only travel policy. This backpack is hands down our favorite. It's DECEPTIVELY spacious. Since it's kind of long and thin it fits a sack of clothes very effectively. Not super great for easy organization as it's so deep, but nothing that a few interior mesh sacks doesn't fit. And I actually like the simplicity of it -- things don't tend to get lost as there's only one exterior pocket. We don't use it for our electronics (laptop, tablet etc.) but if you're not over-stuffing the bag, there's certainly space. You can easily clip water bottles/ shoes / heavy coats to the top "handle" part if you need additional space. We let a friend borrow it once for a trip and he refused to give it back -- bought us another one instead!
    Antonio Gibbs
    September 24, 2022
    I recently purchased this dual duffle-backpack for a week long trip to Paris, hoping to use this backpack as a personal item. En route, I left this bag about half full, meaning it held (in the main area) a pair of running shoes, a sweater, a book and small notebook, medicines, and hairbrush and in the front pocket, toiletries (quart-sized liquid bag) and a large handful of granola bar snacks. I was able to bring it on both flights to and from Europe as a personal item, including when it was stuffed to full capacity on my return. It fit: 2 blocks of ground coffee, 2 packages of crackers (which didn't break), running shoes, leather booties, two sweaters, an entire lined trenchcoat, notebook + book, medicine, a pair of jeans, and all of the above mentioned toiletries. This bag is incredible as if Mary Poppins herself made it. I 1000% recommend purchasing this pack! I plan to continue using it for travel (especially for those flights where you're only allowed a personal item) and it's going to be awesome for biking and transporting tons of groceries. BUY THIS!!!
    Lewis Walsh
    October 15, 2022
    I work construction and travel alot so ive been trying out backpack or suitcase and this bag holds more than you would think i was suprised ..i put 5 days worth underwear socks one pair of sweatpants one sweater 4 beanie hats a pair of jeans 2 clean shirts all my chargers one of those kneck pillows ..there was more but just to give an idea the top handle feels nice pocket on front is big enough for 2 big irish spring body washes and some other stuff the inside has zipper pocket and couple other ones in it very nice overall i like the bag when i destroy this one from work i will buy another one hope this helps
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